The business of Swedbank Mortgage is long-term mortgage financing, and its customers number over one million. This means that the company finances more than one third of all the houses in Sweden.

Swedbank Mortgage is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swedbank. The products are mainly sold through the branch network of Swedbank and the savings banks. This gives the company access to Sweden's largest bank-owned distribution network with more than 400 branches. There is no lending outside of Sweden.

Swedbank Mortgage's lending for single-family housing is generally limited to 85 per cent of the property's estimated market value. Loans are secured by first ranking Pantbrev on residences/single family homes, condominiums and directly to municipalities or other borrowers guaranteed by a municipality. Lending to the forest- and agricultural sector is made directly by Swedbank Mortgage, but with the secondary namn Swedbank Jordbrukskredit.


Swedbank Mortgage finances its lending on the Swedish and international capital markets. On April 21 2008 Swedbank Mortgage converted its long-term funding to covered bonds, which have been the company's primary source of funding since then.

The funding process is facilitated through a number of standardized funding programmes which are legally adjusted to different types of markets and investors.