Board of Directors and the CEO


Thomas Åhman

In Swedbank Hypotek as: CEO

CV Thomas Åhman

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors establishes financial targets and strategy, appoints, dismisses and evaluates the CEO, ensures that there are effective systems for monitoring and controlling operations and that laws and regulations are followed, and ensures open and accurate disclosure of information.

Johan Smedman

In Swedbank Hypotek as: Board of Directors, Chair
Audit Committee, Chair
Current position: Head of Savings Banks business, Swedbank AB

CV Johan Smedman

Mats Lindgren

In Swedbank Hypotek as: Board member
Current position: Head of Savings, Investments & Advice

CV Mats Lindgren

Mattias Persson

Assignments on the Board: Member
Title in the bank: Group Chief Economist and Global Head of Research

CV Mattias Persson

Jennifer Barck

In Swedbank Hypotek as: Board of Directors, Deputy Chair
Current position: Head of Group Legal Strategy & Operations

CV Jennifer Barck

Elizabet Jönsson

In Swedbank Hypotek as: Board Member
Current position: Senior Advisor, GC&T management

CV Elizabet Jönsson